Axtell ISD works to ensure all students leave high school with the tools to be college and career ready. Our curriculum builds upon a foundation of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. We offer access to a wide variety of courses to meet students’ unique interests and needs. Along with a rigorous foundational curriculum, our students excel in advanced, college-credit earning courses, CTE Programs of Study, and in the arts and music.



Our program is grounded in a balanced, integrated approach to reading and writing instruction. Students think, speak, read, and write on a daily basis. These interactions are centered on complex texts across multiple genres so real life connections are made. Units are designed by thematic connections at each grade level. These themes run throughout grade-level units and from year-to-years so that students are acquiring knowledge and skills to enter the world as literate, critical thinkers who can communicate in a variety of modalities in the 21st century.



The goal in secondary math instruction is to promote meaningful learning for all students through a comprehensive curriculum. Students focus on making sense of mathematics, developing conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, applying strategies for solving meaningful problems, and working as a community of learners. Teachers focus on a constructive approach to learning, covering the tools of mathematical fluency.



The mission of the Axtell ISD Secondary Science program is to cultivate the understanding that science is a way of knowing and not merely a collection of knowledge. Science instruction in AISD is grounded in curiosity about and inquiry into real world phenomena. Science should not be about getting the right answers, instead about learning from experiences.



Social Studies instruction in AISD starts with a focus on TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and incorporates Social Studies Literacy Skills. These skills provide the foundation that allow students to develop their skills in critical thinking with a goal for Social Studies in Axtell ISD is for students to have the tools to develop their understanding of history, government, economics, and the world.



Axtell's LOTE department uses a whole language approach utilizing core practices of conversational Spanish. The design aligns with state standards to guide learners through interpreting authentic resources, practice oral interpersonal communication skills, provide feedback, and teach grammar as a concept to use in context.