Test Prep

Axtell High School has a great testing practice resource through the library.

Also visit the following websites for free release test.



If you have a smartphone you can download apps from SAT or ACT for free! These are great for practicing in the car when you are coming to school or going on vacation!


ACT: https://www.varsitytutors.com/free-act-resources

SAT (new): https://www.varsitytutors.com/free-new-sat-resources

ACT book (downloadable): https://www.varsitytutors.com/act-prep-book

In addition to our ACT and SAT prep material, we also have over 100,000 professionally written problems and thousands of distinct practice tests across 150 subjects, including foreign languages, history, math, and science at all levels of sophistication, as well as a full Common Core section. Please check out our main site...

Main site: https://www.varsitytutors.com/practice-tests