MCC Dual Credit

MCC Dual Credit:

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MCC's dual credit program provides an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to enroll in courses that will earn both college and high school credit. Students may enroll in academic courses, which typically apply toward a bachelor's degree, or workforce courses, which provide training for a particular profession.

Londa Carriveau Dual Credit Liaison Administration Building, room 322 (254) 299-8937

TSTC Dual Credit

Dual Enrollment is a tuition-waived program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take college courses and earn simultaneous college and high school credit in a technical program. Dual Enrollment courses are offered on the TSTC campus and on site at participating high schools, either through an adjunct instructor or through Distance Education. This program can save high school students a significant amount of class time while offering considerable savings when compared to earning the same college credit as a traditional college student. High school students can potentially earn an entire semester or more of college credit. It truly offers students a big head start toward earning college credit before they graduate from high school!

Only students from school districts with whom TSTC has an agreement are eligible to participate and courses taken by high school students must be approved by the school district. Additionally, high school students may need to meet placement test criteria. High school Dual Enrollment students are considered college students. Grades will be recorded on a permanent college transcript, which will affect future college/university admissions, scholarships, financial aid, etc., so it is important for the student to be committed.

TSTC Online Application

Individual Approval Form

Submit the following additional documents:

  • A current official copy of high school transcript.

Official College or university transcript from all institutions of higher education.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Record (For courses taken at the TSTC campus only.)

  • Qualifying Test Scores

Approval of Excess Course Enrollment (Only for students requesting a third course.)

Parent/Student Orientation/Handbook Form

Registration Permit

  • Dual Enrollment Fee (An annual fee of $50 per year up to two courses per semester (Fall & Spring) will be assessed to either student, parent or school district.)